New Choice for Independent Physician Practices

Physician leaders collaborate, create physician-led CINPhysicians collaborating

Falling reimbursements, additional paperwork, expensive electronic systems, more complexity.  If you’re a North Carolina physician, this is your day-to-day reality.

Add to that new payment models on the horizon that will require you to take on financial risk that is shared with physicians outside of your practice. New models under which value is more important than volume.

How can a small, independent practice survive in this new environment? What kinds of changes does your practice need to make today to be ready for this new environment?

To answer that question, the NC Academy of Physicians, the NC Community Health Center Association and the NC Pediatric Society gathered physician leaders for a series of meetings in which “best practices” essential to success for North Carolina medical practices were debated and recorded.

These leaders asked Community Care of North Carolina – the homegrown organization that has supported North Carolina’s primary care physicians for more than two decades — to help the group devise a vehicle through which independent practices could work together to modernize their operations and provide greater quality and value to payers and patients.

From that charge came Community Care Physician Network, LLC, a clinically-integrated network (“CIN”) through which independent physicians can work together to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.